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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Configurations that will help you stay on top of your transformation

This month, Wave unveils new configuration options that will help you notify your team when approvals are overdue and easily identify whose approvals are still pending. Plus, save time with short cuts to detailed data views!

Please note the following features require configuration; contact your Wave representative if you would like to know more about activating any of these features in your tenant.


Automatic updates and notification emails

Set up triggers to send notifications to your team or automatically change status when an attribute of an initiative has changed

Triggers are very versatile and can be used in a number of instances. Here are some examples:

  • Save time. Once an initiative enters implementation, planned impacts automatically copy over into forecast
  • Protect data integrity. When a user cancels an initiative, all child milestones of that initiative will automatically be updated to Cancelled
  • Facilitate collaboration and transparency. Send a pre-defined email notification to the Initiative Owner when a comment has been made to their initiative or a milestone owner has changed
  • Auto-flag potential issues. When an initiative's weekly status has been in Leadership attention for more than 7 days, send a pre-defined email notification to the Sponsor

October FF Image.png

Visualization of what needs approved and by whom

Use the new Pending approver filter to know who needs to approve initiatives

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Shortcuts to more detailed views

You can now access detailed views on impacts, milestones and KPIs with a single click

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