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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Wave's latest view option lets you see data in a table format

Wave has many ways for you to view and analyze your data, but we know that sometimes you really only want to see a simple summary of key numbers. Wave's new table view is your solution! 

Table view magnified.pngCompare numbers and gain new insights

Up to ten different measures can be compared in a single view

Similar to a spreadsheet, swap rows and columns to see your data in a new way

Common examples include viewing your workstream’s impact numbers over time and comparing planned impacts and latest estimates side-by-side

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Have you ever wondered how Wave is built? With Agile!

  • Feedback from users like you and Wave team members is recorded and assigned a priority based on type, feasibility, urgency, and other factors
  • Starting with the highest priority functions or bugs, our product team works to deliver a working product at the end of each week
  • This approach, known as Agile software development, enables us to quickly release new product updates and adapt priorities based on user feedback