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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Track and share program performance from your personal dashboard

Wave's personal dashboard feature is designed to save you time running manual reports and to keep program performance insights all in one place. With the personal dashboard, you can add customized visualizations of your program's performance to your default view that you will see every time you log into Wave. Here's how to get started!


Build your dashboard quickly and easily

Personal dashboards are based on visualizations saved as a tabbed workbook. If you can create and save a workbook, you can build a personal dashboard in three easy steps:

1. Identify the metrics and impacts you need to track
2. Use those metrics and impacts to build and save a workbook of tabbed visualizations
3. Select your new workbook to create your personal dashboard


Customize your views at any time

You decide what appears in your personal dashboard based on the evolving needs of your program. Customize the data views at any time, save them to your personal dashboard workbook, and see the changes reflected on your dashboard immediately.


Share your key insights

Drive program progress by sharing your personal dashboard workbook with others on your team, who can then this workbook and access your latest program insights at any time.


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