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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Stay on top of your program using visualizations

Regardless of your role in a transformation, regular data hygiene checks will give you the information you need to monitor program progress and identify areas where action is needed. Answer questions like: What is up-to-date? What needs attention? What do we need to plan for?

Two Wave features will help you automate and streamline your reports: Visualize change over time and Date filters. These data hygiene visualizations can be added to your personal dashboard and workbooks to easily access and share throughout your transformation.


Visualize change over time when you want to...


Bring renewed attention to initiatives that have been awaiting approval and may require action

Increase program engagement by recognizing the teams most active in Wave and learning from their experience

Identify which initiatives have moved forward from one week to the next and celebrate progress with your team



Filter for a date or date range when you want to...


Stay on top of your upcoming initiatives and ensure the resources needed are in place

Jump start initiatives at risk of going stale by identifying those which have not been updated recently

Inform budget planning by identifying how positive impacts will ebb and flow for a given time period



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