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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Learning resources for both new and experienced Wave users

The Wave Success Center is designed to provide users with relevant, helpful content at every stage. Whether you are just getting started and need to learn the basics or you are a seasoned veteran already completing your first initiatives, we have something for you. Check out some of our suggestions!


Are you new to Wave?

If your company is preparing to launch Wave, the Wave Success Center is here to help you and your team learn the essentials_Goal 1.pngThe Getting Started guide has everything you need to know about logging in, basic navigation, and help resources for when you get stuck

metrics.pngBring articles to your trainings on topics like how to create initiatives, add impacts, and approve initiatives, then have your team test their new skills in Wave

compass.pngLearn how to customize your views, then analyze your data and track your transformation by creating and saving workbooks, with inspiration and ideas from the Workbook Library


Have you been using Wave on a regular basis?

You may have used Wave Success Center to get help with your password, answer your login FAQs, and learn the basics of navigation and creating initiatives. So what more can Wave Success Center do for you and your team? The answer is plenty

Employee data.pngUse reports in the Workbook Library to identify program needs and answer pressing questions, then share those reports with key members of your team on a regular basis

check.pngRefresh your knowledge on how to approve or add impacts when your transformation evolves 

toolbox.pngProvide further analysis on your program by copying data from the current list view to Excel

Don't forget to bookmark Additional Help Resources and FAQs!



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