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New search capabilities, workbook enhancements and Gantt updates

This month we have a new feature and enhanced functionalities. Wave Expert Sarah Hahn walks you through what you can expect.


Take search to the next level

With the new Search as a Filter feature, you can refine your workbook view by searching for a key word or phrase across initiative names, descriptions and other attributes.

Quick tip: Put search terms in double quotes " " to limit the search results to exact matches of multiple words.

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Go further with workbooks

New Tab Send Laptop.gif

Wave now gives you the ability to add tabs to your workbooks, similar to the way you would in a spreadsheet. You can then create a shareable URL for your workbook to share with your colleagues.

Quick tip: Right click on a tab to rename, delete or copy it.

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Explore more in Gantt view

Gantt Updates with Laptop.gif

Updates to the Gantt chart view will help as you work with your data. You can now specify a date range to view using preset time periods or custom dates, as well as zoom in and out on details.

Quick tip: View initiatives in your workstream that have key milestones coming up in the next week.

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