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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Build card relationships, view data in one place, and group data by time period

This month we’re creating relationships across cards, using Gantt to track your initiatives, and grouping data by time period. 


Create relationships across cards* 

Depend Laptop.gif

Manage your workflow by linking dependent action cards to initiatives or milestones as predecessors or followers.

Quick tip: See the calculated recurring benefits dependent on a specific initiative, like in the example below.

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View initiatives and associated cards at a glance*

 Parent Child laptop.gif

Visualize milestones (or actions, activities, or attachments) associated with your initiatives all at a glance in the updated Gantt chart view.

Quick tip: Filter for initiatives you own and then use track changes to see which milestones need to be updated in one single view. 

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Group data by period*

Group by Period Laptop.gif

See impact times series measure by month, quarter, or year using stacked charts.

Quick tip: Quickly identify at-risk net recurring benefits by grouping data by period, then coloring by Weekly Status.

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*Your Wave instance must be configured to enable this feature; please contact your Wave representative for details.